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About Pixel Shastra Academy

We have been ensuring for over decades that Education and Learning reaches the entire desirous and aspiring multitude. Thus, our R & D team strives to bring EASY and up-to-date avenues to all. We have recognized the industry’s need for skilled artists workforce and researched to impart excellence in animation training. Backed by a management that has over 18 years of experience in the technical education industry.

We have trained hundreds of successful students year after year, to enjoy huge popularity among the student community and industry. Pixel Shastra Academy combines high quality academics with cutting edge technologies in its one of a kind, Centre of Excellence. This gives us a unique qualitative edge over other institutes, who are delivering ineffective training that
is diluted across mushrooming franchisees set up all over the country side.

Programs at Pixel Shastra Academy

We have committed to the success of every student who walked through our doors for a decade now. Passionate teachers with hands on studio based training, vibrant artistic environment, all round student support systems and high end technology are all integrated into the learning. Pixel Shastra Academy has been providing students the key ingredients to succeed in the animation industry, and meet their individual career goals.

Advanced Animation Effects-Professional(AAFx-PRO)

A well structured course targeting towards providing the keen students ample knowledge in integrating various graphics and design elements into motion. It also teaches them techniques about utilizing 3D modeling skills for creating realistic product mock-ups and elaborate sets. Digital painting, motion graphics, titling, advance texturing and dynamics get covered extensively in this 14 months career oriented program are some of eh most sought after modules in today’s creative industry.

Objective and Learning Outcomes
  • Colorize, retouch and optimize images
  • Creating collages using masks
  • Manipulating vector and raster images
  • Creating packaging, Product mock-ups and displays
  • Creating and editing sound and video compositions
  • Creating interactive slide-shows and websites
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Advanced Animation and Visual Graphics Professional (AAVGFX -PRO)

This is the flagship course of Pixel Shastra Academy. It covers all the aspects of motion graphics, 2D traditional, 2D Digital and 3D animation. During this 20 months, advanced course students learn their coveted tools and techniques in the most modern way. Graphics and Web Design tools add to their skills required for good design. They learn the practical aspects of digital animation by learning how to draw using the WACOM pen tablets animating in Flash and editing in Premier- the tools of choice of the modern animation studios. This helps the student understand the animation production pipeline in a better way. The outcome of the 2nd part of the course is an understanding of the basic shapes, perspective, animation principles, story-boarding, clean-ups, character development, script study, movie review and final output in the form of a finished 2D short film.

Advanced Program Objectives

The students are then advanced to the 3D animation where he/she completes the basic and advanced modules of modeling,

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Graphics and Web Professional (ANIGW- PRO)

Pixel Shastra Academy presents ANIGW- PRO – the course specially designed for the aspiring Graphics and Web Designers. The course lays a strong foundation of Graphic and Web design concepts, page layout, usability, navigation, graphics, and multimedia.

  • To prepare students to acquire concepts of digital graphics and equip them with thorough knowledge of creating, image-editing and publishing graphics for various media.
  • To be able to do imagery, creating digital graphics, editing and optimizing of graphics for the web, print and publishing including digital printing and broadcast media.
  • To prepare students to acquire concepts of web design and equip them with thorough knowledge of designing and publishing professional websites.
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MAYA-Professional (ANIMAYA- PRO)

To master the world of 3D animation, you need to start with a solid foundation. The Course begins by providing an introduction to 2D animation principles through the widely acclaimed trainers and training techniques at Pixel Shastra Academy. Then the students progress to advanced computer based animation and 3D digital art using Autodesk MAYA: the industry’s leading 3D software

This course will train the students in the art and discipline of animation principles, 3D design and fundamentals of visual effects and principles of post-production. Instructions begin with an overview followed by demonstration and hands-on Project of the student.

This course is designed for Animators, Visual Effects artists, post production editors, Motion Graphics artists, Web Developers, Multi-media designers, Teachers and professors, Special & Visual effects engineers, Programmers, Studio engineers, Developers for computer graphic tools, Defense engineers, Engineers of automatically guided systems, Robotics, Automation engineers, Architects and other similar careers.

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MAX -Professional (ANIMAX- PRO)

Pixel Shastra Academy provides professional training for Autodesk 3Ds Max software. This software is incredibly complex and challenging to learn. As a result we segregate this specialized training module in into several stages. Additional compositing and sound editing modules guide the student to have overall experience of production pipeline.

Our theory and practical classes prepare student artists for creating realistic 3D environments and animations using 3ds Max software. Instructions begin with an overview, followed by demonstrations, assignments and conclude with students’ hands-on Projects

This course is designed for animators, visual effects artists, post-production editors, motion graphics artists, architectural engineers, mechanical engineers, teachers and professors, programmers, studio engineers, defense engineers, enthusiasts and other similar careers.

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Game Art Professional (AGA- PRO)

The Game Art Professional Program provides students with a foundation in 3D modeling, imaging, and animation for video and mobile games. The course explores the challenging methods of texturing, modeling and animating 3D characters and environments using Autodesk MAYA, MAX and Photoshop.

Program Objectives

In the Game Art Professional program, the students learn both technical and artistic skills applying professional approaches to digital imaging, 3D modeling, Model texturing, Game animation, color and lighting. Classes are structured around practical projects that mirror current practices in Game development sector

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Architectural Walkthrough-Professional (AAW- PRO)

This program is focused to provide a high level expertise in creating architectural walkthroughs using Industry generic high end modeling tool- Autodesk 3ds MAX

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Animation Professional (ANI- PRO)

Focusing upon the animation techniques, this 14 months power-packed course takes a student from novice to an animation specialist. Learning the traditional 2D, digital 2D, and advanced 3D animation techniques, the student is able to create a powerful animation portfolio fit for any production studio.

Detailed pre-production and production techniques coupled with mastering of different animation principles and styles used world over gives an edge to the student. Anatomy study, character development, special effects in 2D and humanoid rigging and animation in MAYA add to the course’s strength.

Objective and Learning Outcomes
  • Creating concept arts using Photoshop
  • Creating cartoonistic characters and caricatures
  • Creating dynamic poses of characters
  • Creating layouts, staging and animation storyboards
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Certified Professional (PSAC-PRO)

This course aims at training both traditional and digital animation. Since 2D is the basis of all kinds of animation, a strong foundation is built with this program.

When the student moves on to digital animation, he/she can apply the principles learnt in traditional animation into it. Hence, the student would be comfortable in both the media. The final project built by the student becomes his/her portfolio.

Basic drawing, human anatomy, animal anatomy, principles of animation, pre-production, introduction to 3D, Digital drawings, ink and paint libraries, cut-out animation, timeline, lip-sync effects & compositing, scan/import/playback, BG painting, mixing and editing using Flash, Photoshop and Premier glitters the course contents.

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