Pixel shastra Online

an online platform that intends to take creative education to an all-new level.

The platform

The platform will be built to channelize, distribute & educate creative courses to all, through audiovisual-based video tutorials and also through live audiovisual conferencing. The platform intends to build a community that will cater to virtual tutors across the globe, sharing and training online. The company will also distribute their popular tutorials through Direct, online, VOD&VAS partners.

Pixel Shastra Online intends to build future ready course content that will be AR&VR ready

Verticals that define this Pixel Shastra online are

Shastra ON

Offers all mainstream retail courses that can be long/short and are certified by Pixel Shastra. The third offers tailer made topic based, industry, deparment driven courses.

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Pixel Kidz

Children will have regular 1 to 5 hours per week Drawing/Animation classes as a part of their daily routine, Classes will be supported by live projection by our faculty

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Shastra Esentials

Shastra Essentials will be the “ESSENTIAL tool” for all to be creative artists. Shastra Essential will be subscription based that will offer Audio Visual based tutorials across multiple

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Shastra Sangha

Shastra Sangha will be a online community that will bring together all the trainers & students across the globe, Trainers will have their portfolio, list of topics (specific subjects)

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